College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Graduation Date

Graduate students must meet a number of deadlines. A schedule of deadlines and required forms as well as more information can be found on the Graduate College Web site.

If students fail to meet the thesis deadlines there are two options.

  • Complete all the thesis work in the final semester and if deadlines are missed defend before the first day of the following semester. The student would actually graduate in the following semester without paying tuition for the graduation semester. Iowa State will write an official letter to any employer certifying that the student will graduate the following term.
  • If thesis credits are fulfilled and all other course work is completed students have the option to take Gr St 600 - Examination Only. Graduate students may take the final oral exam while registered for 600. There is a charge for this course, but it is not full tuition with all the fees. Students must have completed all course work and all required creative component or thesis credits and not be registered for another course. All deadlines for the final exam and graduation must be met.

Students planning to officially participate in commencement exercises during the semester in which thesis work is completed, all deadlines must be met and the final defense done on time.